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Mike's Tines – NEW! MADE IN USA!

1/2" longer and 1/8" thicker than original equipment tines =

  • Deeper compaction relief
  • Covers many more acres before needing to be replaced
  • More durable

**** 2-Year Breakage Warranty ****

If you break it, we replace it!

Call with any questions you may have: 712-269-3975

Mike's Tine (front)

Mike's Tine (back)

Mike's Tines

Description Left Tine Right Tine Weight List Price Qty
8.5" AG TINE KIT (includes hardware) Mike's LI Mike's RI 5.5 lbs $34.37 1
8.5" AG TINE SET (box of 12 tines with hardware) Mike's LB Mike's RB 66 lbs $366.23 12

Aerway Tines

Aerway Tine (front)

Aerway Tine (back)

Replacement Tines for your Aerway Aerator.

Aerway Replacement Tines

Description Weight List Price Qty
8"AG TINE KIT (includes hardware) 5.0 lbs $34.37 1
8" AG TINE SET (box of 12 tines with hardware) 60 lbs $366.23 12

Other tines available upon request call 712-269-3975
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